All right,

In this exercise, we move through the diatonic triads of Ab major and we preceed every triad

with its dominant:

Ab (I)

F7 (V7/ii)

Bbm (ii)

G7 (V7/iii)

Cm (iii)

Ab7 (V7/IV)

Db (IV)

Bb7 (V7/V)

Eb (V)

C7 (V7/vi)

Fm (vi)

Bb7 (V7/V)

Eb/G* (V6 -> first inversion)

Eb7 (V7/I)

Ab (I)

*We have substituted the G dim triad for Eb/G.

G dim has a dominant function and since we can't resolve to a dim chord (it's not a stable chord

because of the diminished fifth) we replace it with the dominant chord of the key -> Eb

The pattern is based on a passage from Paganini's 5th Caprice.

The diatonic triads are in root position and the secondary dominant are inverted for a smooth bassline.

The patterns for the dominants are:

Ascending: 3 - 1 - b7
Descending: 5 - 3 - b7

Go slow when playing this and really think about the notes and about the chord functions.

Grab the pdf over at Edge Effect Training.